Hi There,

It’s Caity Here the Founder & Producer of L’aJayde&Co. The Co in Our Little Business is my Amazing Family. Husband Trent (The numbers man) & Our son Jimmi (Who loves to smell our products ALOT & enjoys his Lonngggg Bath times. (Don’t They All).

We thought you would like to know about who I am & where L’aJayde&Co came from.We started L’aJayde &Co from our HQ (ie: Family home haha Very Fancy). Coming from a very stressful fulltime lifestyle, we were looking for a change as our lives were so busy keeping up we found it challenging to sit back & enjoy the important times. With our Goals in mind i choose to leave my Career to spend more quality fulfilling time with Jimmi before he started school.

Which lead to more Self Care & identity of who I was & what I wanted out of life. One major aspect of this was having ‘Me Time’ & identifying how important this was for my wellbeing & my family. Which in the Current World Situation. Everyone has taken action on in their own way, Hopefully out of our worlds uncertainty the time we have all been gifted to scale back our lives & enjoy our Family & Our own wellbeing will be something we choose to not allow drift away from us again.

In this time i noticed the products in which i loved using on my body to care & soothe my Dry, Sensitive & often Irritated Skin, Had a lot of unwanted/ confusing Ingredients in them. We found it difficult to source anything that not only was Healthy for our bodies but that Actually Worked. The Driven & Creative Person I thrive at being i formulated my own Recipes using Quality Ingredients with the Backing of The Australian Cosmetic Guidelines, & a ton of Testing, Research & Formulating Products for different Skin Conditions & Makeup. We had really great results & are so Proud of Our Products.

Why not share that with all of you. Because not only was it Important for Our Family but for Anyone Else in our Community who wanted to Feel Good & use Products on their Body that Benefits Skin & Wellbeing & That of their Family. We Ensure all our Ingredients are of the best Quality we source & that Provide the Benefits to our Consumers, as we have Advertised them to achieve. Not only is Our Products important but Local Community is a Driving Passion in Our Society & by sticking together & ensuring We Buy Local & Support Our Neighbors, Towns & Regions. Our futures will be better of for this. We are Very Humbled to not only be able to Support Our Local Small Businesses & Community but also the support we have received in return is truly amazing & we will ensure to continue driving forward with.       

Everyone around you Benefits from the Renewed Energy & Joy you Exhibit. It is important for everyone of us to Ensure to make time out for ourselves a priority no matter your situation. This is where we can help your Overall Health without you needing to drastically change your Lifestyle.  

Caity xx