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Q- Are Your Products Handmade In Australia?

A- Yes All Our Products Are Handmade In Australia. At L’aJayde&Co We Create All Ideas, Formulate Recipes, Produce All Our Products, Package & Most Importantly Test All Our Products. So Our Consumers Receive Products That Are Accurate To Our Descriptions & Effectiveness. 


Q- Are Your Products Ok To Use On Sensitive Skin?

A- It’s Ok We Have You Covered!! All Our Products Are Safe To Use On Sensitive Skin! We Achieve This By Only Using Quality Organic Ingredients That Are Safe To Use On Any Skin Type. Our Products Do Not contains Any Harmful Chemicals ! So Our Consumers Can Purchase & Use Our Products That Will Benefit Their Body. We Ensure That The Ingredients For All Our Ranges Are Clearly Marked For The Consumers Needs In Regards To Allergies. 


Q- Can Your Products Be Used On Children?

A- Yes They Sure Can !!! All Our Products Are Safe For Children Because They Are Free Of Any Harmful Chemicals That Can Effect Consumers Health. We Recommend That For Children Under 3 You Should Take Caution In using Bath Products Anyway As Their Skin Is Developing & May Have Not Previously Been Exposed To Some Of The Ingredients In Bath Products.  


Q- Do L’aJayde&Co Only Sell Products Online?

A- L’aJayde&Co Products Are Primarily Online. We Do Have Market Stalls Around The Victorian Region Throughout The Year. If You Would Like To Keep Up To Date On Where We Are Next Head Over To Our Facebook Page Where We Post Our Upcoming Locations.