L’AJAYDE & Co Beauty Bath

Very Delicious Vanilla Bath Bomb


Our Very Delicious Vanilla Bath Bomb by L’JAYDE & Co Beauty Bath is a captivating bathing experience. With simple Vanilla Frangrance this Bath bomb is sure to awaken a Smooth Creamy aroma made with soft Shea butter & Pure Vanilla Pod Seeds. Your Skin will be thanking you for days after your nourishing bath.  

Take Care of your Bath Bomb by Storing it in a Cool, Dry place. 

How To Use:

1. Fill Your Bath Tub with Warm Water.

2. Add your Bath Bomb to the water to activate.

3.It will begin releasing it’s Beautiful bath art & Fill the air with Natural Aroma. 



Organic Unrefined Shea Butter  

Citric Acid

Epsom Salts

Corn Starch

Sodium Bicarbonate

Polysorbate 80

Natural Vanilla Bean Seeds

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