L’AJAYDE & Co Beauty Bath

Wakadoo!!!! Bluey & Bingo Mini U Bath Bombs


"Bluey turns the bath water a stunning neon blue colour and has beautiful glitter all throughout. Bingo is a beautiful orange colour and has a pop of surprise colour as she fizzes away." Releasing a clean scent of snuggles (similar to washing liquid scent). Your Mini U Bluey fans will be ecstatic with excitement ready for their bath time. 

Directions: Simply fill bath to desired height with warm water and then place your bath bomb into the water and watch the magic happen. 

Main Ingredients : Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Epsom Salts, Mica 

Take note: If colour in pigment stains bath or skin it simply washes off with soap. Some batch’s of colour can cause pigment in colour to distribute differently. Please rest assured if this does happen it will not permanently stain anything as the colour is removed with water and soap. 

For External Use Only.DO NOT ingest. 

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